February 2020

Featured Exhibitors

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Japan Toyomoto Tire Corp., China

Using a combination of Japanese and European tire manufacturing technology and know-how, especially in radial tire sector; Japan Toyomoto will be promoting their brand TIREBOT. The product range covers an entire range of PCR, UHP, SUV, LTR, TBR and OTR radial tires, all of which are well certified.

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An official dealer of GM Korea and SSang Yong Motor, they supply a whole range of OEM brands and products such as brake pads, air/oil/fuel filter, gasket kits, electronic sub-assembly, high tension wire (spark plug cable), bearing sets, suspensions parts, shock absorbers, clutch disc & cover set, radiators, condensers, etc.

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LEMA SRL, Italy 

A manufacturer of spare parts for European trucks and buses. LEMA has over 12,000 items. Providing a wide range of spare parts for European trucks and buses, such as: engine gaskets, rubber-metal parts, engine mountings, suspension bushes, king pin sets, radiator hoses, universal joints and water pumps.

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Mineral Circles Bearings, UAE

Mineral Circles Bearings is a trusted supplier of premium and economical brands for a wide range of quality bearings, grease, tools, oil seals, cv joints, and universal joints. They will be presenting:

  1. Heavy Duty EP3 High Load Grease 
A pioneering NTN-SNR lubrication solution with NLGI grade 3 rating, HEAVY DUTY EP3 High Load grease is specially formulated to provide excellent bearing protection against the MEA region’s extreme humidity and hot temperatures.
  2. ILJIN Wheel Bearings 
Highly durable and cost competitive, Korean-made ILJIN wheel bearings are made from quality bearing steel with integrated sensors that suit either driven or non-driven automotive applications on leading American car brands such as GMC, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Cadillac, Lincoln, and Ford.
  3.MCB Automotive Range 
MCB has a wide range and application than most economical brands. Offering one (1) year warranty for its automotive products such as wheel hub units and universal joints, it is a cost effective solution for Middle East’s aftermarket industry.


4. SNR Automotive Range
SNR is one of the largest automotive kit makers in Europe which is managed by NTN-SNR, the European arm of the 3rd largest bearing manufacturer in the world, NTN Corp.

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NETCAR KOREA, South Korea 

This exporter specializes in spare parts for brands such as Hyundai, Kia, GM, Daewoo, Tata Daewoo and SSanYong. They will showcase the following bearings, gaskets, timing belt kits, fuel filters, spark plugs, cables, cabin filters, air filters, etc.

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